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Fiserv, Inc. is a global provider of financial services technology. The company's clients include banks, thrifts, credit unions, securities broker dealers, leasing and finance companies, and retailers. In October 2015, American Banker and BAI ranked the company third by revenue among technology providers to U.S. banks. Fiserv reported total revenue of $10.187 billion in 2019. In summer of 2018, Fiserv obtained the naming rights to the Fiserv Forum, home to the Milwaukee Bucks, for 25 years. Fiserv has been named as 2020 Fortune World's Most Admired Companies, the seventh consecutive year it has earned this recognition and 10 times in the last 12 years.

An angry customer said this in a review "Fiserv is a joke. I am a customer of one of their military clients. I am a IT professional by trade and I have never seen such shoddy work by a company that works so hard to keep up apparences. Simple app development is a joke. Finger print loading, to app testing, nothing was tested or polished to 2020 standards before efore handing it to the client. The app looks like a child from 2002 made it. There has been several ongoing issues with my banks software ever since Fiserv signed their contract. I have been my bank beta tester and have seen this company's effort. Not only can they not seem to hire anyone that knows basic android app development, they cannot perform basic integration between other companies that my bank has contracted with. This places communication is non existent. Once the contract is signed and they have your money the support dries up immediately. This company will be investigated by multiple alphabet soup Government agencies in the near future. Stay away if your a credit union or a bank. There are many more better software companies out there."

ITI used to be great. Fiserv as it sits currently is an absolute embarrassment of a company. They follow EXTREMELY outdated, insecure practices which are sometimes downright illegal. What's worse is that management covers a lot of it up and pretends like everything is fine. Their recent changes to increase health insurance costs based on paycheck size takes the company one step away from total nuclear implosion. I have heard support managers LAUGHING AT CLIENTS' PROBLEMS behind their backs.



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Lee Hayden says

"Please do not use this company. Jawed and David have both let me down very badly, faulty equipment which they offered to replace however, they are now out of stock and not returning calls, messages or email. Please beware this company screw you over."

Jason Beer says

"Been with them about 8 weeks and all was fine. This week all cards were being declined, short story they had closed our account without warning. Turns out they wanted to see a bank statement, but obviously don’t see the need to just use any form communication to ask for this. Instead they just close the account and leave us to chase to try and resolve. We supply bank statement and account is reactivated. Works for 2 days and account closes again on a Saturday, and the clowns who are unable to communicate don’t work Saturdays. It was also First Data that tempted us away from Global Payments in the first place. Now starting to regret changing."

Posh says

"READ THEIR CONTRACT as I unfortunately trusted the word of the sales person. And I do believe the contract asks to waiver some rights, even if you are a sole trader.. other wording in the contract 'you have a short time to cancel' no specific amount of days mentioned, I was told the contract was 18 months, then, after I signed, told that was an opt out clause, I still have to pay a cancellation fee, £100 at 18 months. Restocking or re packaging charge, £190 plus vat, No wonder the sales person stayed on the phone with me while I opened the emal document and signed it! When I complained I felt accused, they are very defensive, it is hard work to deal with this company... Hard to prove in court what is said over the phone. The thing that gets me is all it is, is one little card machine in the shop, it is like I have signed my life away with them. Very exhausting to communicate with them. The complaints email bounced back too. Easier to give them my money and write a bad review but isn't that how bullies get their money"

Damian says

"DO NOT USE! Changing the name from First Data because of the shocking reputation the company has got shouldn't be allowed! Sold by a dodgy walk in salesman, my naive girlfriend at the time was conned into signing up to a long 5 YEAR agreement! The fees have been ridiculous, and we just couldn't wait til the contract ended so ended it early, obviously with fees. We followed the T&C's for cancelling and get an email back from them saying the contract with payment sense and partners will cancel in 30 days, plus the address to return the terminal to. All done right? No... They tell us to return the terminal and we do, now 6 months later we are still getting emails and letters from first data their partner in supplying the terminal saying that we didn't cancel the agreement with them demanding the monthly rent and terminal return's just a joke, calculated and just cleverly hide things in t&c's etc to just screw you over and get money from you. Both Payment sense and First Data are terrible and we feel conned from our contract with them. DO NOT USE!"

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